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Change? Now that I have your attention I want to share with you a couple of things that have been going on around the church the last couple of weeks. It’s not the kind of change that will dramatically change your life but I believe they are things that help us as we live out our purpose.

First of all let me say, we have some of the best young adults around. I had the privilege of having lunch with many of them on Sunday and we had a great conversation. These young adults are not the future of the church. They are the now! We are blessed to have such great servants of Jesus. They serve as teachers, committee members, greeters, praise team members as well as work on The Bridge doing sound, video, and lighting. I am honored to be their pastor.

During our discussion time after lunch, we talked about how Del Norte can better serve them and be a place that they want to invite their friends. There was one thing in particular that got them excited. They asked for a community coffee area. Their generation has perfected the local coffee shop as an intimate community experience. They know that community comes naturally around conversation and a hot drink. They have a coffee pot in their Sunday School class but they wanted a place to interact with all generations. They long for a multigenerational connection and think that this could help. We are working out those details now. Expect to see some changes in the atrium in a couple of weeks.

The other things we have been working on is putting together a parent resource room. This room will be on the ground floor close to the preschool wing. We will be placing children’s books from the church library in there for an easier place to check out as well as other parenting resources to help equip our parents to be the discipleship leaders in their home. Our children need more than just the couple of hours they get with us every week. For our children to be ready to take on the world, they need equipped parents teaching them God’s Word every day.

Because Tara has been going through the children’s books in the library we have been able to provide space to create a better meeting space for our ministry teams. We had a church member donate a beautiful twelve foot long conference table with twelve chairs. We now have an excellent space to meet. We will continue to simplify the library as we move forward to help it better meet the needs of our church in our modern, and ever-changing world. Being good stewards of our facilities by making the best use of every square foot of our building is imperative as we strive to reach our community with the Gospel.






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