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Culture Matters

The culture of an organization goes beyond claimed beliefs to the actual practices and behaviors of the organization. The culture is not the desired values but the living out of actual values. Culture can be influenced by an organization’s goals or mission statement, but it goes much deeper. Culture is not what the organization says it believes but what it truly believes. For instance, an organization can say that it values its customers but in reality, it is driven by profit despite how it affects its customers. Culture is the effect of an organization’sactual values being lived out.

Culture is an important aspect of the church. A church can have a great mission statement and desired values with goals that are well articulated. However, if they are not surrendered to by the church members the culture of the church will remain the same and the goals will never be realized. A church culture is the report card that shows how it is living up to its desired values. The culture goes much deeper than just the heart of church leaders. Culture captures how every member operates within the organizational structure of the church.

Since the first of the year, I have been meeting with a group of church members and staff who have a heart for evangelism. The team developed an evangelism strategy that will serve us for at least the next year. This is our goal: To Create a culture of evangelism demonstrated through a church who invites people to worship, Bible Study, and special events; prays for spiritual needs; witnesses to unbelievers; and loves their neighbor as themselves. One of the things I love about this statement is the emphasis not on programs or beliefs, but on changing our culture. We want to help Del Norte live out our call to take the name of Jesus to our neighbors and the world. This statement shows what a culture of evangelism will look like as we live out our call given to us by Jesus.

I want to encourage you to be active in the evangelistic ministry of our church over the next few months. We begin “Who’s Your One” campaign on June 6. This emphasis will be part of our worship service as well as our Sunday morning Bible study time. We have numerous other evangelistic opportunities planned which will need your help. If we all use our spiritual gifts to take the gospel to our community, lives will be changed. On Wednesday evenings at 6:00 we will have a worship and prayer time. The emphasis of this prayer time will be for the spiritual needs of our community.

Here is the strategy developed bythe Evangelistic Steering Team:

Evangelism Goal: Creating a culture of evangelism demonstratedthrough a church who invites people to worship, Bible Study, and specialevents; prays for spiritual needs; witnesses to unbelievers; and loves their neighbor as themselves.        


· Invitation Tools  

· Welcome Team  

· Contact Campaign in Sunday School -  Fall2021 

· Who’sYour One June 6 - July 4 


· Prayer conference -  October16-17 with Mike Taylor 

· Weekly worship and prayer service.  Starting June 9 @ 6:00 


· Who’sYour One – churchwide campaign - June 6- July 4 

· SermonSeries 

  • Basics(12 weeks) -  July11 
  • Witness(Witnessing Encounters) (10 weeks) - October10 
  • Who’sYour One (5 weeks) -  June 6- July 4 

· 3-5 Week Sunday School witness training -  Starts June 6   

· DiscipleshipClasses (Sunday night) - Fall2021 

· StoryTelling (Testimonies)– Members’ stories of witnessing -  Starts June 6 

· Demonstrations- How to use witnessing tools - Starts June 6 

· Evangelistic Events - See Calendar on Back 


· Meeting physical needs. 

· SHINE Partnership -  Fall2021   


· CarlislePark- Hispanic Outreach Event - May 22, 2021 

· Who’sYour One - June 6 – July 4,2021 

· Mid-weekWorship and Prayer - Starting June 9, every Wednesday evening. 

· Apartment Block Party - June 26, 2021 

· Sermon Series: Basics - Starts July 11 

· VBS Celebration and Testimony Day - July18, 2021 

· Back 2 School Bash - August 7  

· GovernorBent Elementary Teacher Banquet - TBD /Week of Inservice 

· Contact Campaign for Bible Study Groups - Fall 2021 

· State Fair- Diaper Changing Booth - September 2021 

· Sermon Series: Witness (Witnessing Encounters) - StartsOctober 10 

· PrayerConference - October16-17, 2021 

· Trunk or Treat – 2 nights - October31, 2021 and  Governor Bent Fall Festival   

Evangelistic Steering Team Members: 

· Michael Vallandingham 

· Kevin Warner 

· Ira Pinkston 

· Adam Nash 

· Sydney Turrieta 

· Roy Rosales 

· Michael DuBerry 

· Manny Montano 

· Raymundo Gonzalez 

· Kaitlyn Hickman          

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