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God Continues to Work


What a great time to be part of what God is doing around us! People are realizing that life is not guaranteed, and God is drawing people to himself. Christians see the lost hope of unbelievers and know that their only hope is in knowing Jesus. I love to be part of something so much greater than myself. That is what being part of Christ’s church is all about. Eternal significance. Eternal priorities. Eternal consequences. Nothing we do has greater impact than what we do as part of the body of Christ. It is worth it. It is worth the time. It is worth the money. Why? Because Jesus is worth it.  

At Del Norte Baptist Church we are seeing what God is doing and we are racing to be a part of it. When we see a need, we are prepared to run and help. I love seeing the many who volunteer to help people move or help people take care of a yard issue in which someone was not able to take care of on their own. I love to see people walking off the streets into our office where they find the love of Jesus like a visit I had recently with three of our community neighbors who came to us because they had a spiritual problem. I love to see the food bags going out every week to help children in our community have food to eat over the weekend. I love to be able to help church members as they go through crisis that are bigger than them. These are all examples of what it means to live as part of the body of Christ. Church is so much more than what we do on Sunday. Miracles happen when we are The Church every day of the week.  

We invest in the lives of everyone. God is moving in the lives of those from every nation living right here in our community. The three I visited with last week were all three of different cultures represented around us. We have also invested heavily in our Hispanic ministry over the last few months. We have remodeled the conference center and on Sunday they had their first worship service in a location that will make it easier and less intimidating for those who they are trying to reach. Our baptisms over the last few weeks represent the diversity that God is drawing to our church. Never underestimate what God can do and who he can reach when we are open to be used by him.  

Thank you, Del Norte Baptist Church, for your faithfulness during the difficult last couple of years. None of these things would be possible without you. I believe God has so much more in store for us. Do not give up! Be of good courage! Run the race with excellence! It is worth it! 

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