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I am a man of routine. Nothing messes me up more in the morning than for me to throw off my routine. When I get sidetracked and do something out of order, I am liable to leave out something important off the morning grooming ritual. If you ever see me looking a little out of sorts, just know that I got off my routine. Most of the time I do not even think about the routine. They are habits that have been formed over my lifetime. They are in my subconscious and ensure that the important morning rituals are taken care of.

I am listening to an audiobook right now on habits. Habits are the things that we do with very little thought. We have the habit of turning on a light switch when we walk into a dark room. We have the habit of locking the door when we leave the house. Whether a good habit or a bad habit they usually happen without us having to sacrifice other things in our life. They just happen. As you know, getting rid of a habit is difficult. It becomes a part of who you are. In the same way, starting new habits can be just as difficult.

It is possible to make things a habit. It takes sacrifice up front and a lot of conscience effort. But when we make the effort, we can make something a habit and therefore change the type of person we are. An unhealthy person can change the way they eat and become a healthy person. A lazy person can change into a disciplined person. By changing the daily habits, we can become someone different. In essence, we are the sum of our habits.

During COVID many of us have started some bad habits as well as stopped some of the good habits of our life. Not having Sunday and Wednesday evening activities have changed many habits for us. Taking naps and working in pajamas have become a new habit for some. These habit changes have changed who we are.

Think about who you want to be as a Christian. Then write down the habits that you need to have in your life to be who you want to be. Start working on one new habit at a time. As you replace some bad habits with some good habits you will start becoming the person you hope to be. Replace phone time first thing in the morning with Bible time. Replace hitting the snooze with jumping out of bed (I am not good at this one yet). Replace staying up late on Saturday night with going to bed early so you are well rested for worship on Sunday. As we change the habits, we change our routine. Think about how great it will be when what throws off your day is the missing of your morning Bible study time. As the economy is reopened, we have a great opportunity to start some new habits. Let us intentionally create the habits that help us become who Christ wants us to be.

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