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Letter Concerning COVID Safety

Dear Church Family,

This time of having worship during COVID has not been easy. It is not what any of us want. Most of us would prefer to sing, shake hands, hug necks, and sit wherever and with whomever we want. However, these desperate times have caused us to do things differently to keep each other safe and to comply with the mandates of our government. I am proud of the way we have taken this seriously as a church. I want to encourage us to keep this up as we wait for this pandemic to end.

The churches of Albuquerque received a letter this week from our local Fire Marshal’s Office. They announced that The City of Albuquerque and State Police will be visiting Houses of Worship to make sure they are compliant with the governor’s mandates. I assure you that we are doing everything we can to provide a safe environment for us to worship every week. If they show up to inspect our worship service, we believe that they will find us in compliance. We will not go against the commands of Scripture but will submit to the government God has put in place. (Romans 13:1-7)

Let me encourage each of us to remain diligent to love one another. Please continue to wear your masks in the worship center and keep the 6’ social distancing. If you are not feeling well, please stay home and join us online. If you are high risk, please join us online or for the 8:30 drive-in service. The 9:45 service in the Conference Center is a great place for our senior adults who want to be inside for worship. It is a small group and is set up well for social distancing. Protecting each other is a great way to show love.

I understand that there are a lot of different opinions concerning these precautions and mandates. I pray daily that we do not allow these things to bring division to our church. Let each of us be willing to humble ourselves to keep our brothers and sisters safe. I believe that our willingness to take these precautions will make it less likely stricter mandates will be handed down. This will be behind us some day. It seems like this has gone on way too long already, but this is just a bump in the road. Let us continue to run this race with endurance for the glory of Christ. Keep our focus on Him as he works all things together for his good.

In Christ,

Pastor Michael

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