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Letter to DNBC Men


Del Norte Baptist Church Men, 

I believe men are essential to the health and stability of the church. It is impossible to build a strong, dynamic church without men being a fundamental element. Del Norte has been in an unprecedented time of transition over the last two years. It is easy to lose sight of our purpose during such a difficult time. I believe that God has a great purpose for our church and the only way for us to live up to our calling is to come together in unity. 2022 is a pivotal year for our church and you will want to be part of what God is doing. We are seeing some alarming trends that must be met with a tenacity that will not let the church fail in our mission. It is time for men to stand up and fight for what matters. It is time for us to build unity and accountability in the fabric of our church. This begins with us. 

I want to invite all the men of Del Norte to a very important event. The Del Norte MenTown Hall will be Sunday, October 24, at 4:00 in the Conference Center. Food will be served. I will share my vision for moving forward from the frustrating last couple of years. We will take time to hear from each of you. What is on your heart? What questions do you have for your pastor? I want to hear what you are thinking. 

I want to challenge you to make this event a priority. I desire to see every active male in our church participate. I believe it is important to the future of our church. Please join me in prayer for God to use it as a catalyst that propels us into the future with purpose. Our God is big enough. He is worthy. The mission is vital. The cost of failure is large. The reward of success is eternal. 

In Christ,   

Pastor Michael 

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