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Ministry/Mission Opportunities


Ministry/Missions Opportunities 

2022 is off to a great start as we have begun our Sunday evening church revitalization preparation with Mission Focus 2022.  If you haven’t joined us yet, come Sunday evenings at 4:00.  We have had a great group coming with anticipation of what God is going to do through Del Norte Baptist Church. The first summit is March 13. We have changed the start time to 1:00 for it to be more convenient for everyone to participate in the Mission Lunch.  

The program for helping stop generational poverty, Getting Ahead, starts next week.  They will meet in our facility every Tuesday and Thursday for eight weeks.  We have had several volunteers step up to help make this a reality. Volunteers are still needed especially help with childcare. Talk to me or Ira if you have any questions. We also need Smith gift cards which are used as incentives. We need lots of $5 and $15 cards. This investment can help a family break the curse of generational poverty they are trapped in. You can donate monetarily to this, and we will pick up the cards if that is easier for you. 

We have three mission teams going out this summer. This is exciting considering we are coming out of two years where international travel has been limited. Two of these mission teams are still open. Could God be calling you to participatein as a short-term missionary to Panama? We have two teams going. Team One will be going to help IMB missionaries reach indigenous people living in the jungle. This group will leave June 28 and returning July 8. Team Two will be helping local churches and IMB missionaries serving in and around Panama City. This group leaves July 2 and returns July 9. Please contact me (Pastor Michael) if you are interested or have any questions. The deadline for signup including $150 deposit and paperwork is February 13. We will also need people willing to help provide scholarships. Your donation to the mission fund will be just as important as those willing to take vacation and go in person. It takes all of us to do missions. 

The other mission team will be going to Malawi, Africa. Three of us will be leaving May 23 and returning June 8. We will be helping a brand-new church start with discipleship and hut-to-hut evangelism. This church was started at the end of last year when the previous mission trip was cancelled. Washington-Osage Baptist Association in NE Oklahoma sent money to help them start this new church despite the trip being cancelled. One of the other churches started over the last few years had led a Muslim lady to Christ. She was begging them to bring the Gospel to her village. They spent a week in the village and baptized 40 people. I am excited to go help this new church. They have already identified another village where a church is needed. We may get to help them take the Gospel into this new village. Your donations to the mission fund will help support this mission trip as well. 

2022 is setting up to be a great year of ministry. Just because we are working to restructure our ministries does not mean that we are staying in neutral. We will continue to work as the body of Christ as we also work to be an efficient and effective body used by Jesus to reach the world with the good news of Jesus Christ. It takes all of us! How is God calling you to participate?  


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