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Pray for Peace

As could be expected, the turning of the calendar page to 2021 has not ended the virus nor political tensions that dominated 2020. Let us continue to pray for the end of COVID and for peace in our nation as we continue to polarize. I am hopeful that we are seeing the peak of both and that things will calm down as the vaccine is administered and the rhetoric of the elections are behind us. Let this be a time that we, as the Church, humble ourselves and pray. Let us seek the face of God. May God give us his wisdom and hearts soft enough to be molded into his image. When people see the same events but perceive them as opposites, I cannot help but think that God has hardened hearts. Our nation has lost its ability to think rationally. We have lost our ability to empathize with those unlike us. We have made everyone choose a label. Each side claims morality is on their side. Remember, God’s ways are not our ways. I call on us to not allow politics to divide. Let us be united under the lordship of Jesus Christ. Hate is not the answer. Let the church be the light of Jesus, showing unity and peace in response to the disunity and chaos around us. Pray for a soft heart and the wisdom to see the world events the way God sees them.

On a different note, many of us have received or will be receiving stimulus checks from the government. You may be in a position where these funds are not needed right now and are considering options. Let me share with you some options if you would like to designate them through our church.

  • We paid off over $100,000 in debt in 2020 but still have a long way to go.  Your gift to our debt reduction saves us compound interest, freeing up money for ministry.  
  • If you donate to our community outreach fund, the money will be used to share the Gospel with our city and invite people to be part of our church.  We are working on ministry opportunities now that will be ready to launch as our city opens back up.
  • Our children and youth departments are also working on the soon influx of students.  Your donations to their ministries will help them make some necessary upgrades in preparation for their ministries starting back up. 
  • We have a good balance in our benevolence fund right now, but we suspect that needs will continue rise. 
  • You can also give through the church for state and national ministries like the International Mission Board, North American Mission Board, and our SBC seminaries.  Remember, you are not giving to DNBC, you are giving through DNBC.  Your gifts do not end in our account but will be used to share the Gospel right here in Albuquerque and all around the world.
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