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Southern Baptist Convention Cooperation

I want to thank the church for taking our partnership with the Southern Baptist Convention serious enough to send me and Tara to the annual meeting. It is always a great time to connect with other pastors and hear how God is using our offerings to fulfill the Great Commission. In fact,it is the Great Commission that unites us as we fund ministry through the Cooperative Program. Through our 5 seminaries, Lifeway, Guidestone, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, North American Mission Board, and International Mission Board we work together for the common goal of taking the name of Jesus to those who have not had an opportunity to hear. The power of the SBC starts at the local church. We are autonomous churches but not independent. No one in Nashville can make Del Norte Baptist Church do anything. But we have chosen to be united for the purpose of mission. We can do more together than we can do separately. 

On Sunday evening following our business meeting I will be talking about the things that took place in Nashville and answer any questions that you may have. Over 20,000 messengers and guests came together for a giant business meeting and such a gathering was sure to have its times of controversy. I do not understand every controversy to its fullest, but I will do my best to share what I know and why I voted the way I did. I left the week encouraged for what God has ahead for our convention.  

I hope you will join us for business meet Sunday night at 5:00 and the discussion following. I think you will be as encouraged as I am about the future of our church and convention. 

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