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Tear Down the Wall

Walls have been used throughout history to bring protection in a dangerous world. The Great Wall of China, the Western Wall in Jerusalem, the walls of Troy, and the great walls of Babylon are part of history because of the kingdoms they protected and helped flourish. Walls can also be a barrier. President Reagan stood in front of the Berlin Wall in Germany and called for Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down this wall.” Two years later the wall came down. Israel found itself marching into the Promised Land to be greeted by a giant wall protecting the city of Jericho. God instructed them to walk around the wall once a day for six days and on the seventh day to walk around the wall seven times. After the seventh time around the wall they shouted, and the wall fell flat.

Sometimes there are walls in our life that are not as visible. These can be circumstances we cannot control, and other times circumstances we are responsible for. Health can be a wall in our life. Lack of education can keep us from getting to our goals. Societal expectations and government control can get in our way. These can be obstacles we must navigate to continue our journey. A big wall that hinders many of us is debt. Proverbs 22:7 tells us, “the borrower is the slave to the lender.”

This is no different for the church. Debt can serve a role in helping a church accomplish big projects during a climate where costs keep skyrocketing. However, these debts should be paid quickly, so they do not interfere with the ongoing ministry and long-term health of the church. Del Norte borrowed money to take care of the needed repairs on the parking lot and improve the appearance of the campus. The work is stunning and will serve the church for years to come. However, we now have a wall that must come down.

There is no better time for us to remove this wall than now. With an aging congregation and the reality that younger generations are making less and giving less, we need this wall to come down so we can continue to be a light to our community for generations to come. We budget $108,000 a year to pay for this debt. More than half of this is paying interest. Can you imagine what we can do with an extra $108,000 for ministry?

We are starting a campaign Sunday to encourage us to get serious about removing this wall. You will see a banner in the worship center of a brick wall with 960 bricks. Each wall represents $1000 in debt. Every week we will cover a brick for every $1000 that has been given. Be praying about how you and your family can help us achieve this important goal. We are excited for the day that the wall of debt is gone, and we join new opportunities.

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