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Things Are Changing

Change can be a bad word. However, when we have gone through what we have over the last twelve months, change sounds like a relief. Bernalillo County has moved to yellow and could see green very soon. Many counties in our state have already moved to green and some have found their way to the newly created turquoise. More and more people are getting the vaccine and it has been great meeting people over the last few weeks that have come back to in-person worship for the first time since the pandemic began.

We have worked very hard during this time to provide safe options for our church. We have offered a drive-in service, two in-person services, two live-streamed service, as well as the ability to watch the worship services in the archives online. There will be a day that the drive-in service disappears, but we want to provide that service for as long as it is needed. We know many are still attending that service because of safety concerns, however we also know some attend that service because the 8:30 service serves them better. We are being sensitive to continue to provide what is needed for our members and guests. Despite the larger percentage of our sanctuary being available because we moved to yellow, we continue to keep social distancing in place which keeps us from adding any additional chairs.

In the meantime, we are finding that our 11:00 service is beginning to fill up and could easily go beyond our ability to keep social distancing measures in place. The excitement in that service is a great encouragement and we want the ability to see continued growth and welcome the guests who are showing up every week. If you have been attending the 11:00 service and think you would enjoy the more intimate setting led by the orchestra in the conference center, please consider moving to that service during this transition time. It would open seats for our guests and our families with kids (11:00 is the only children’s event offered right now). We are going to start having our younger kids go to children’s church before service begins to open a few seats. With all of your help we will continue to make the most of the situation.

Thank you for your encouragement and patience during this trying time. I am excited to keep moving forward as we take the gospel to our city. You have been given twelve months to rest. Be ready as we come together to get back to work. There is a lot to be done to fulfill our scriptural mandate of making disciples. Change is coming and it is good!

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