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We Are the Seven

Several years ago Tara and I used to dog-sit a little pug that only had one eye. Jordan and Jonathan were little and loved to play with the energetic, happy dog. It did really well considering it had been hit by a car but when it was running around playing it would have a tendency to run into things. Two eyes are better than one.

Sunday I am a starting a new series entitled “We are the Seven”. It is a study on the seven churches of Revelation. There are a lot of ways to look at these churches but we will be focusing on what these letters teach us about our place in the church. We are all part of the church and the church is the body of Christ.

As the body of Christ every single one of us is important. The body can never function efficiently without every part of the body doing its part. Sadly, too often churches are trying to function with parts missing or parts serving roles in which they were not designed. We do not live up to the purpose God intended because we keep bumping into walls that would not have been a problem if we had all our parts.

Besides starting a new series Sunday, Sunday afternoon I meet with a team I have assembled of staff and church leaders I am calling the Evangelism Steering Team. Please pray for this team as we develop an evangelism strategy for the next twelve months. We will find some specific ways we as a church can reach those the most like us as well as those less like us and more difficult for us to reach. Your prayer is important as we look to be proactive with the Gospel. We have an enemy who would rather us stay silent. This spiritual enemy requires a spiritual fight. Please set aside some time over the next couple days to earnestly pray for this important endeavor.

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