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A dangerous movement that is rising from the polarization of America is cancel culture. Cancel culture is where you seek the complete removal of any person or any institution who does something that you consider to be objectionable or offensive. It is interesting that the very culture that has elevated tolerance to be the highest virtue is in the same breath wanting to silence everyone who does not see the world the way they do. This began on social media and has risen to be embraced by some of the most powerful figures in our nation. Submit to their view of the world or find yourself not allowed to participate in it.

This should be alarming to us as believers on many levels. First, we are called to be different than the world. We have a different worldview. We see the world through the eyes of God. Because of this we are different. The world does not like the Light and runs from the Light. Churches that stand contrary to culture may soon find themselves cancelled. We also should be alarmed because cancel culture stands contrary to the Gospel. God desires for all people to be saved. We are called to love our enemy. We do not have to agree with the actions that are contrary to the morality provided by God’s Word, but we are not allowed to cancel them. We are called to love them unconditionally. Also, silencing the minority is not just. Jesus and his disciples were constantly harassed by those who wanted to silence them. Jesus gave a voice to the poor, uneducated, women, unclean, and political enemies. Cancelling people is not what God desires.

The church must stand in juxtaposition to cancel culture. We need to be the proponents of welcome culture. Jesus set this example while he walked this earth. Society rejected people for many reasons and Jesus was criticized for treating them with dignity and respect. The people around us do not need to be labelled, they need to be loved. Zacchaeus was a tax collector. In the eyes of the Jews, he was a traitor and a cheat. Yet, Jesus honored him by being a guest in his home. Jesus allowed a prostitute to sit at his feet. He touched the untouchable. There was a place for everyone in society at his table. They all had one thing in common. They needed Jesus. As believers we are the hands and feet of Jesus. Let us follow in his steps by welcoming all at our table.

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